John Greengo Photography Will be Heading back to Africa. Sign up to Learn More As we Plan this Incredible Trip.

This once in a lifetime trip through Africa will provide you with memories and amazing wildlife images that are impossible to find anywhere else. We are creating an itinerary on dates that will be during the peak migration season, where photographers enjoy clear skies and plentiful animal sightings.

These animal encounters will undoubtedly make for special memories and a view of nature like you’ve never seen before.


Planning For Aug 2020

TBD/person Double | TBD/person Single

Led by John Greengo and Kenna Klosterman
A safari adventure focused on photographing amazing wildlife in the best parks in Kenya.

image taken in Kenya

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Lead by/tour chaperone(s) John Greengo, Kenna Klosterman and Simba Marara Safari

headshot of John Greengo

John Greengo

headshot of Kenna Klosterman

Kenna Klosterman

headshot of Simba Marara Safaris

Simba Marara Safaris

Tour Group

Tour Itinerary

More information to come on Wildlife Photography in parks through Kenya

Day 0 Friday, July 31

More information on the itinerary will be available as we move further into planning this photographic safari