GET READY to hit the road (& SKIES) again SOON

We’re super excited that our tours are ramping up again. Our local contacts around the globe are giving us great feedback about travel in their backyards and we’re in the process of putting together our signature tours once again.  If you’d like to be informed of the up-coming tours before they’re made public, you can subscribe to our tour emails (orange box on this page).

Planning For

TBD/person Double | TBD/person Single

With the travel difficulties now easing, John is excited to bring a new bunch of tours to you all.
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John Greengo


What others have experienced

John and Kenna organized and hosted a wonderful experience for us in Tanzania and Kenya. The wildlife, landscape, guides, photographic opportunities, accommodations, and food all surpassed my expectations

For me, [the pace of the tour] was just perfect. This is because we were involved most of the time in deciding when we wanted to go out and how long we wanted to stay (with appropriate guidance.)

I'd tell someone thinking about traveling with John and Kenna to jump at the chance. That they'd get great opportunities, the trip will be well planned (yet flexible) and they'd get tons of good opportunities for photos.