John Greengo specializes in photographic education through online training, books, and international photo tours. He is an energetic and enthusiastic presenter known for his visual teaching style. His photographic teachings have been viewed by millions around the globe; and have proven to be popular and effective.

Photography has been a life-long passion for John; starting at the age of 10 when he picked up his first camera and became endlessly fascinated with the art. After earning a college degree in photography, the pursuit of his craft has led him on photographic adventures to all seven continents. His range of experiences, combined with his desire to help fellow photographers grow, has positioned John as a world-leader in photographic education.

John resides in Washington State with his wife, Michelle. As a typical resident of the Pacific Northwest, John can frequently be found in the mountains, on the water, or down a long and winding trail; always experiencing life through photography.

Photo of John Greengo