How to Access Your Video Download Classes


After following the steps below, if you have any difficulties please contact us at

Step 1

Go to the page. Then click on the “ACCOUNT” icon at the top right of the page and login to your account.

Step 2

Each order number will have its own View Order Summary and Download Class links. Click on the green box that says “DOWNLOAD CLASS“. Please note – do not click the class name as this will only take you to the product page.

Step 3

You’ll then find yourself at the actual download/stream page. Click “Access”, then clicking on the playhead will stream or select “Also available to download”.



Should you experience streaming or video playback issues we recommend the following:

  • For better quality streaming try using the Chrome web browser
  • For uninterrupted, quality viewing of the class downloads, we recommend using VLC media player ( VLC is a free media player that is compatible with Android, iOS, iPadOS, and other platforms.



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