Tour Dates:

October 21st – 29th, 2024

Tour Price:

All prices are in USD.

  • Standard cabins 2&3: $9,900 per person (double/twin share)
  • Junior suites 8&9: $10,900 per person (double/twin share)
  • Standard cabin 5: $11,200 for 1 person (single occupancy cabin)
  • Standard cabin 4: $11,400 for 1 person (single occupancy cabin)
  • Master suites 6&7: $11,900 per person (double share)

NOTE: John Greengo Photography Tours intends to deliver the tour as advertised. However, the nature of adventure travel is inherently uncertain. Changes to the intinerary may occur as a result of events such as uncertain weather and animal behaviour.


  • 8 nights accommodation (1 night in Quito, 7 nights on luxury yacht)
  • In-country flights between Quito and Galapagos Islands
  • All breakfast, lunch and dinners (BLD), as per itinerary
  • All scheduled transportation within Ecuador mainland and islands
  • Galapagos bilingual naturalist guide
  • Photographic guides – John & Michelle
  • Tips/gratuities for drivers, local guides & ship crew
  • All Galapagos Island entry fees (National Park, TCT transit card)
  • Purified or bottled drinking water

Not Included

  • Transportation to & from the tour start/end
  • Passport & visa costs
  • Breakfast on day 2, lunch on day 9
  • Optional tours and/or extension tours
  • Alcoholic beverages or mini-bar
  • Individualized hotel & other expenses
  • (laundry, room service, internet fees, etc.)
  • Insurance (trip, medical, cancellation & gear)
  • Anything not specifically listed in tour documents

Deposits & Payments

A $1,500 (single occupancy cabin) or $3,000 (double/twin cabin) deposit initially holds your spot(s). Following the deposit payment, you will be emailed a Registration Pack. Please return your completed Registration Forms within 7 days of receiving the email to fully secure your reservation. Deposits are accepted via the John Greengo Photography shop page, where we accept a range of credit cards and other payment types (eg: ShopPay, PayPal, etc.).

An interim payment of 40% of the total tour price is due on April 19th, 2024. An invoice will be emailed to you with the details.

Final payment is due on June 21st, 2024.

Final payments are to be made to “John Greengo Photography Tours LLC” either by check or bank transfer. Specific payment details will be provided to participants closer to the due date.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing.

Cancellations made:

  • before March 24th, 2024 will receive a full refund minus a $100 administration fee
  • from March 24th, 2024 to April 20th, 2024 (inclusive) will forfeit $750 (50% of the tour deposit)
  • from April 21st, 2024 to June 22nd, 2024 (inclusive) will forfeit 50% of the total tour price
  • after June 22nd, 2024 will forfeit the entire (100%) cost of the tour

There is no refund for any unused portions of the tour program once the tour has commenced.

In case that cancellations reduce the group size to below the minimum on which costs are based (currently 10 paying PAX), we reserve the right to either (a) offer the program with certain cost-reducing alternatives in accommodations, itinerary and/or services, (b) charge a supplement based on the actual costs for the final number of participants, (c) cancel the trip.


All participants under the age of eighteen (18) years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We reserve the right to refuse minors, where we believe their participation would negatively impact the group. We recommend that interested parties should contact us at tours@johngreengo.com to discuss a minor’s appropriateness for the tour prior to paying a deposit.

Health Concerns

Good physical and mental health is essential for the enjoyment of the tour. This is an active tour and involves walking over uneven sufaces and transferring from ship to panga (dingy) in moving waters; balance is critically important. With the tour being based on a small ship seasickness is a possibility.

The cruise is obviously at sea level, however the tour starts and ends in Quito which has an elevation of 9,350 feet (2,850 meters). Some travelers may experience issues with the altitude.

You must advise us, in writing, of any physical limitations or concerns or any special electronic medical equipment you are bringing not less than 120 days in advance of travel.

At any time before or during the tour, John Greengo Photography Tours LLC & John Greengo Photography LLC (collectively referred to in this document as “JGP”)  may, but are not obligated to, make a determination that a participant’s fitness, health or behaviour to embark upon, participate in, or continue the tour is inadequate. In that case, the participant may be prohibited from embarking, continuing, or participating in all or any portion of the tour.

Medical Considerations: If you have any medical or psychological conditions, it’s very important that you let us know well before departure so that we can work with you as much as possible. Tour leaders have the right to disqualify anyone at any time during the trip if they feel the tour participant is incapable of continuing and/or if a tour participant’s continued participation jeopardizes the group’s or the their own safety. Under these circumstances, refunds are not given. Certain medical devices may result in the necessity of a single room for special electrical supplements and services.


Personal, travel-related medical insurance is required for all participants at the time of travel. Your insurance must provide coverage against personal accident, death, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of effects, emergency repatriation, and all other expenses which might arise as a result of any loss damage, injury, delay or inconvenience relating to the Tour.

Trip Protection: It is highly recommended that you also obtain comprehensive trip insurance upon making a deposit for the tour – covering medical expense, trip cancellation and interruption, cancel for any reason, emergency evacuation/repatriation, and loss of baggage. 

Passport & Visa

A valid passport is required for all travelers and must be valid 6 months after return to your home country.

All tour participants are responsible for checking with the appropriate embassies or consulates to determine if any visas are needed. Where visas are required, we strongly recommend they be obtained before departure. Securing visas is the responsibility of each tour participant. It is of utmost importance that all travelers thoroughly check visa requirements before their intended date of travel. JGP and/or our suppliers, agents, or affiliates cannot be held responsible by participants who do not meet visa requirements.

Important Note on Passport Pages: It is the responsibility of each traveler to make sure their passport is valid and has sufficient “VISA” pages to stamp entry/exit visas. Please note the last 3 pages on the passport are “NOT VISA” pages; they are amendment pages, and thus visas cannot be stamped on these pages. There should be at least a minimum of 3 blank (unstamped) “VISA” pages for each country to be visited. Failure to have 3 blank (unstamped) “VISA” pages you run the risk of being denied entry even when in possession of valid passport.

Authority on Tour

This tour is run by JGP in collaboration with the cruise company and naturalist guide; all three parties being the authority on all decisions that affect the health, safety, and/or wellbeing of tour participants. Any decisions made by the ship captain, cruise director, naturalist guide, or JGP are final.

If you fail to comply with a decision made by the ship crew, naturalist guide, or JGP, or interfere with the well- being of the tour or any tour participant, the ship captain, cruise director, or JGP may direct you to leave the tour immediately and you shall have no right to any refund. You must, at all times, comply with the laws, customs, foreign exchange, drug and other regulations of all countries and destinations visited on the tour.

Travel Advisories & Warnings

It is the responsibility of the traveler to become informed on the most current travel advisories and warnings of your country’s government (for USA citizens: US State Department’s travel website at www.travel.state.gov/ or call at 1(888) 407.4747). In the event of an active State Department Travel Warning against travel to the specific destination of the trip, should you still choose to travel, notwithstanding any travel advisory or warning, you assume all risk of personal injury, death or property damage that may arise out of the events like those advised or warned against.


JGP cannot be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by the passenger due to missed, canceled or delayed flights. These costs will be borne by the tour participant. By the acceptance of vouchers, contracts, or tickets, the tour participant agrees to the foregoing and also agrees that neither JGP nor its suppliers, agents, or affiliates shall not be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage of person, property or otherwise in connection with and accommodations, transportation, or other services, resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, dangers incident to the bush, the sea, by fire, machinery, actual or intended wars, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, sickness, quarantines, medical or custom regulations, defaults, delays or cancellation or of changes in itinerary, from causes beyond the control of JGP.

Anyone not utilizing the pre-arranged transportation or accommodation is responsible for the cost of any substitute transportation or accommodation. No change in the itineraries is expected, however JGP reserves the right to make changes if necessary. JGP cannot be held liable for changes of itinerary.

The payment of the deposit or any other partial or full payment for a tour reservation constitutes agreement and consent to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained in the website or customized itineraries.

Disclosure Notice

Please be aware that during your participation in a JGP tour, certain risks and dangers may arise, including, but not limited to, the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas, travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft or other means of conveyance, the forces of nature, political unrest and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. Also be aware and clearly understand that JGP and our suppliers, agents, or affiliates will not have liability regarding provisions of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered.


AS LAWFUL CONSIDERATION for the agreement with JGP to participate in such trips and activities you hereby agree that you will not make a claim against JGP or sue for bodily injury, emotional trauma, death and/or property damage, however caused, as a result of your participation in the safari/tour. You therefore release JGP and its employees from all claims, actions, and demands that you may have for bodily injury, death, or property damage arising from your participation in a tour. This release of Liability and Assumption of Risk agreement is entered into on behalf of all members of your family including minors accompanying you. This agreement is binding on your heirs, legal representatives and assigns. If any portion of this agreement is unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.





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