It’s a new year, and you may have made some resolutions to become a better photographer or to take more photos in 2018. Well, you’re in luck! I can help you learn with classes in January and throughout the year. I’ll be writing these posts at the beginning of each month since one of my resolutions is to create more content for this blog. You’ll also see my new website in action right before my Fundamentals class, so stay tuned to

Here’s a breakdown of January:

Jan 3rd- Choosing the Right Camera Lens

[UPDATE July 2022: John’s newest lens class is Lens Essentials]

In this class I will guide you through information about camera lenses enabling you to choose the best one for what you specifically need. I’ll give you tips on how to operate and maintain your lenses so that they last you for years. This class comes with a detailed learning guide when you purchase it.

You can watch this class live for free at CreativeLive. Be sure to tune in and ask questions from 9:00am PST- 4:00pm PST.


Update!-Now March 10th-  Nikon D850 Master Class

Get the most out of your D850 with a deep dive through the entire operation of the camera. I walk you through the buttons, dial and complete menu system of the camera. You’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of the cameras capabilities along with the knowledge of to make the most of this sophisticated camera.

This in-person class is being held at Kenmore Camera from 11:30am-4:30pm at their location. If you’d like to attend, please register here.

Jan 22-26- Fundamentals of Photography 2018

After a one year hiatus, I am back to teach an updated version of Fundamentals of Photography for CreativeLive. In this version of the 5-day class, you will see a couple of new things, including updated material on recent cameras and new footage of me shooting on location. This class will provide you with information on how to recognize and take advantage of beautiful natural light, how to choose the right gear, and what it takes to create images that you’ll be proud of.

Please join me in the CreativeLive studio for this class by applying here.

If you are unable to make it to Seattle to be in the studio audience, please join online. You can RSVP on the course page to get reminders when we’re live.

I hope to see you in January 2018, either online or in person.


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