January was quite the start of the year over here at John Greengo Photography. With the launch of the new website along with  5 days of teaching Fundamentals of Photography at CreativeLive plus the big announcement of our latest tour to Bhutan, we had a lot going on. February is back to the regular schedule where we have some in-person classes and are developing some other ones for later this year. Here’s a list of what’s coming up in February:

Local Classes

We hear that you want to join John in a live class and this month beyond CreativeLive, he’s  teaching at Glazer’s Camera in Seattle.

Feb 17-  Photography Fundamentals

This class is designed to be the perfect training session for anyone wanting to hone their overall skills in photography. Whether you’re the owner of a new digital SLR or an enthusiast that desires to learn all the fundamentals properly, this class will put all students on firm ground for advancing their photography


Feb 18- Fundamentals of Composition

This class will focus on what makes a successful image and how to create it. We leave the technology behind and stay focused on the aesthetics. This is a fun class that leaves you looking at the world in a whole new way.


Feb 20th Sony A7R III Fast Start

One of the hottest cameras on the market is the Sony A7R III and John will be teaching the Fast Start  at CreativeLive towards the end of the month. There’s still room to join the live studio audience. You can fill out the form here to be selected by CL. http://cr8.lv/CFAGreengoA7R?via=html-freeform_1


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