The Sony A7RIII is one of the most tech-savvy cameras available, but when it comes to user interface, Sony has been slow to meet the users’ demands.  Sony has made large strides in refining an already good product line. There are many photographers who are being wooed by the Sony system with this newest model.

Here are my five favorite things about this camera:

The little joystick

Moving the focusing point is as easy as playing Pac Man. It serves as double duty to navigate through the menu system.

The dedicated AF-ON button

More and more photographers are moving to back button focusing and this gets you there, straight out of the gate.

Improved 5 axis image stabilization

I’m liking this because I use Canon lenses and now I can have stabilization with a non-stabilized lens.

Improved Menu System

Sony has taken large steps at organizing the very cluttered and messy menu system. While it is far from perfect it’s a great step forward.

Eye AF works with Canon Lenses with the metabones adaptor

Now I can auto-focus with more precision with my adapted canon lenses.  If I do choose to use one of my Sony lenses the focus is on par with the best cameras on the market.


The Sony A7RIII fits a wide range of photographer’s needs. This will prove to be a great tool for portrait, landscape and action photography.

Come check out my in-depth Fast Start class, where I cover all the external controls, and go through the entire menu system and give recommendations on best settings on a variety of needs.


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