The Coronavirus has upended most everyone’s life in more ways than one. For us here at John Greengo Photography we’ve had to cancel this years Kenya Photo Safari (find the latest Kenya photo safari here). We’ve now rescheduled the trip for summer 2021 with hopes that the current situation will have resolved by then. It’s a real bummer having to cancel or reschedule an event like this, but it was also an easy decision to make.

Taking a back seat

Well before this became a pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, I’d put on hold a number of regional road trips that were planned. Now with a “stay at home” decree by the governor I’m homebound until this situation clears up. Photography has taken a back seat to life’s more essential needs.

Much of my life has been focused on photography, but to be honest, it’s not been top of my mind lately. In fact I’ve not been getting much work done with the news as it is. I’ve been reading articles, watching videos and educating myself on COVID-19 in hopes of understanding the facts so that I can make smart decisions.

What’s clear at this point is that we need to get through this disease with the minimum number of people falling ill. This means people need to stay at home, practice social distancing and generally take the experts’ advice. The better all of us can get onboard with this plan the sooner this will all be over.

Flattening the curve Seattle style

The new normal

At some point all this will pass and we’ll be left with a slightly new normal. I’m not sure how exactly it will be different, but for many of us, we’ll still have the urge to travel. I’m excited for the Kenya Safari in 2021. It’s likely to be my first international trip after a long stint at home and I’m glad to have an exciting adventure waiting for me down the road. I love anticipation; from ordering a savoury meal, to a package in the mail or even a long planned trip. The planning and building of expectations makes the trip all that more memorable.

So if you are locked in or homebound, start planing your next escape. There’s never been a better time to research locations you would like to see, experience and photograph. They might be local, regional or international, it doesn’t matter. Look for places that you will find meaningful, ones that excite you, and ones that will lead you to experiences that will last a lifetime.

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